Our Name

SimsTools was the name used for branding a line of utilities written in the 90s for The Sims and the name just stuck. It’s also relevant to my last name, Simser, so there is that. This is my site. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Our Team

Bil Simser (Benevolent Dictator, Creator, Chief Bottle Washer, Generally in Charge of a Lot of Things)

Bil Simser has been designing, building, and maintaining software solutions for over 25 years. He has helped build many large-scale mission critical systems along the way.  In his role as a mentor, he guides clients on how to implement development standards and guidelines, evaluates and recommends new tools and technologies, and helps teams and projects progress into the .NET world.  Bil also has a special interest in coaching clients on Agile and General Software Development Best Practices.

Bil has been involved with Microsoft’s .NET platform since the early betas and has a deep passion for good SOLID Architecture and Software Design. He specializes in SharePoint, .NET, Agile, TDD, Windows Phone 7 development, and computer game programming. Bil also runs several successful open-source projects and contributes to the software development community, taking the time to review and edit SharePoint and Agile publications, and speaking at user groups, code camps, and conferences, including TechEd, DevConnections, PDC, PrairieDevCon, and DevTeach. Bil was a Microsoft SharePoint MVP from 2004 through to 2013.

Bil currently lives and works in Alberta, Canada, with his wife, daughter, a Beowulf cluster of computers, every gaming console known to man, and a small menagerie of animals.